Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WOW! LEGAL Immigration Costs $758 Million NET Per/Year per Congressional District


Please send the following Letter
to Your Congressional Representatives

Dear Congressperson,

How would you like to tell your constituents that there was an extra $758,000,000 each year to spend in their district? How could you help direct the spending of $758,000,000 ($758 MILLION!) in your district each year?

According to a study by noted Economist, John Williams, which can be viewed at Carrying Capacity Network [1] which sponsored the Study, U.S. Taxpayers pay out a NET $330 BILLION ANNUALLY (believe it or not) on LEGAL Immigration. That is, LEGAL Immigration costs U.S. tax-payers $330 BILLION AFTER SUBTRACTING ALL TAXES IMMIGRANTS PAY. [And this $330 Billion does NOT include the additional NET amount of Taxes State and Local Taxpayers pay to finance this LEGAL Immigration.]

Indeed, the Federal Deficit Faces a $3.3 Trillion Additional NET Hit in Next Decade, Without a Reduction in the 1.5 Million Annual LEGAL Immigrant Inflow. 

Further, the study shows that LEGAL immigrants have displaced more than 5.9 million native-born workers since the onset of the great recession. That is an average of 13,600 workers or voters per congressional district in the last 10 years, plus their families*.

This Annual Tax-Payer Expense Of $330 Billion divided by the 435 Congressional Districts equals, on average, $758 million that could eventually be spent within each of these districts annually**. How many of your constituents do you believe know (or would even believe) that this situation has evolved over recent decades? You may not have been in office when this began, but you are there now.

—WHAT CAN BE DONE: Reduce the 1.5 million plus LEGAL immigrant flow into the U.S. (for all immigrants including refugees) to the same number of U.S. citizens who migrate out of the U.S. annually—appx.150,000—by imposing an all-categories-included CAP. And issue these LEGAL immigrants conditional green cards with the conditions of English Language Proficiency, no Felonies or Misdemeanors, and no applications for entitlements for 10 years. They must demonstrate their desire and ability to become good U.S. citizens.

Now for the really tough question. How are you going to explain to your constituents what you are going to do about this Costly Mass LEGAL Immigration?

Answer: Tell them you are going to sponsor an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium Bill.

Couldn’t these U.S. Taxpayer dollars be better spent? How much is The Wall going to cost? How much is the infrastructure program supposed to cost? And what about the Oppressive National Debt?

To:  Immigration Reduction Supporters: please send this letter to your Representatives and your friends, and follow up with phone calls including phone calls to your Representatives via the Congressional Switchboard:202-224-3121 or 800-828-0498.

And, FOR LETTERS/CALLS TO U.S. SENATORS—Multiply the number of Congressional Districts in your State by $758 MILLION so you can tell your Senators how much LEGAL Immigration is costing Federal Taxpayers in your State.

And...Please help CCN Distribute and publicize this Study far and wide by making a secure Credit Card tax deductible Donation NOW at our website, Carrying Capacity Network[1], or by sending a check to:

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NOW. Congress is working on legislation NOW.

*The protection of jobs held by your constituents would begin substantially from day one of a Moratorium Implementation.
**The massive savings will not occur all at once because of the “Cost Legacy” U.S. Taxpayers have ALREADY unknowingly been committed to resulting from LEGAL Immigrants already in the U.S.

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