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March 2017 ACTION ALERT!

This was Yesterday:  Sweden is safe with a very low crime rate.  It becomes the most Immigrant-welcoming Country in the European Union.

Now, Today: With hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim immigrants, Sweden increasingly suffers from an intensifying Crime Wave including Riots and Mass Rapes.

Just a few days ago Stockholm suffered another Round of Rioting with cars burned and Rocks thrown. ( 2/20/17) Such Immigrant riots and other crimes started in 2010, just as Mass Immigration into Europe was beginning.

And the MASS RAPES are intensifying too. The Stockholm music festivals in the summers of 2015 and 2016 experienced many. The Swedish public authorities attempted to cover up reports about these as well as more incidents of Rape and other crimes as reported by zerohedge/Gatestone and others

When it comes to sexual assaults at public swimming pools, the report states that there were 123 reports of such incidents in 2015. 86% of the suspects were younger than 20 years old; most were around 15-16:

“In 80% of the reported cases from public pools, the perpetrators claimed to be or were found to be of foreign descent. Most had no Swedish social security number and the complaints stated that they belonged to groups of boys seeking asylum.”

Indeed this MULTICULTURAL CRIME AND CHAOS is by no means limited to Sweden or to their mostly Muslim Immigrants.

The 950,000 Illegals who were caught but NOT deported from the USA by the Obama Administration, and who have broken laws in addition to law-breaking by merely being in the USA, are mainly not Muslim. Indeed, neither are the 90,000 convicted Criminal Illegals released (as of last year) and free to find Refuge in Sanctuary Cities .

Moreover, illegal aliens are not the sole offenders, the offenders are mainly legal immigrants.

Indeed, the Boston Bombings and San Bernardino and many European attacks were perpetrated by mostly LEGAL Immigrants, who to say the least, had neither assimilated into European or American Culture, nor adhered to American nor Traditional European Values.

The Immigration policy battle is in many respects between the Globalists who, the evidence indicates, want to create a worldwide [de-culturated] dictatorship, and the Nationalists, who want to preserve their National values and traditions. 

A note on definitions: Globalism dissolves national borders and identities; internationalism refers to the coalitions and cooperation freely negotiated between sovereign nations. In this respect, the Goals of the Globalists and Cultural Marxists are identical.

Peter Goodchild expands on the importance of this crucial distinction:

"Globalism is the ultimate political problem of our time, but the expansion of Islam is the most immediate. I first noticed the problem of Islam while spending three years in the Middle East. But what is not widely recognized is that many government leaders are lying about the problems. The globalists would like to fill the West with people who will help to create a vast dictatorship, where the main population consists of uneducated people (especially Muslims) accustomed to autocracy, and where the dissidents (especially Caucasians) are reduced in numbers, taught to be ashamed of their own culture, and brainwashed into a belief in what is euphemistically called multiculturalism. Ultimately this so-called multiculturalism means a world of no culture at all -- a world of no values, no pride, no self-respect, no past, and no future, only obedience. The crimes committed by so-called refugees are downplayed: the classic case may be that of Cologne, Germany, on New Year's Eve 2015/2016 -- about 1,200 German women were sexually assaulted, on that one night in that one city, by more than 2,000 Muslim immigrants, and for days afterward the government and the press said nothing."

Crucially Important to note is that most of the monetary cost and many of the crimes in both Europe and the USA are committed by Legal Immigrants.  Therefore in light of the fact that the Trump Administration is likely to be reasonably successful in greatly reducing Illegal Immigration, OUR FOCUS SHOULD BE MAINLY ON REDUCING LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Indeed, “Merit-Based” legal immigration (President Trump’s criterion) should not be the sole Criterion for genuine Immigration Reform.  The Costs and other Negative Effects of Massive Numbers are critically important as well. This is why pushing for a Zero-Net Moratorium on legal is so important as only CCN and its ASAP Coalition Allies do.

Bottom line:  the Mass Immigration of  some 1.5 Legal Immigrants per year is not only a substantial multi-billion $$ net cost (over 50% of all Legals and over 90% of all "Refugees" receive one or more welfare benefits), but it also depresses wages and causes the loss of Americans' Jobs (See Generally, E Rubenstein

And in addition to the Serious Risks to Public and Personal Safety, Sanctuary Cities cost American Taxpayers $14 BILLION annually nationally.  And including over $1 Billion each to California and Texas (Fmr. Congressman Tom Tancredo, 1/30/17)

But Mass LEGAL Immigration also causes loss of Social and Cultural Cohesion.   That is, Mass Multicultural Immigration drives Social Disintegration, inter-Group Tension, Conflict, and in its worst Manifestations MULTICULTURAL CRIME and Chaos.

Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE TO DRAMATICALLY REDUCE LEGAL IMMIGRATION in addition to reversing colonization of our country by illegal aliens.

Here is how to help do that:

Ask your Representatives to enact Mandatory eVerify, outlaw Birth-Citizenship Tourism, and to Cosponsor the RAISE Act (S354—Cotton [R-AR]) (and a companion bill in the House) which would end chain migration and the Diversity Lottery AND ABOVE ALL SPONSOR AN AMENDMENT WHICH WOULD IMPOSE A ZERO-NET MORATORIUM ON ALL LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

ONLY CCN and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have The Most Effective Strategy for substantially reducing Legal Immigration as well as exposing and combating the Cultural Marxists and the various social policies, like Mass Immigration, they push.

Join CCN and its Activist ASAP Coalition! Allies in simultaneously pushing a Zero-Net Moratorium and the other Victory Initiative positions because they provide maximum ongoing Political Pressure to get our borders protected and Mass Immigration reduced NOW!  So please help us with a Tax-Deductible Donation TODAY so we can intensify our efforts NOW. The Next Few Weeks are Crucial!

Advocating a Zero-Net Moratorium is Essential for delegitimizing the whole justification for Mass Immigration! And the election of Donald Trump as President provides the opportunity to succeed in reversing the most destructive trends if we all intensify our efforts NOW.

Merely pushing for “Immigration Reform” as certain of the Mass Immigration Management Groups do or, Worse, pushing for “Controlled Immigration for the National Interest” are both Counterproductive. They send the message that Mass Immigration is OK if we just reduce it a little bit. A continuation of Mass Immigration is clearly NOT OK! Look at Europe!

And the outdated Jordan Commission recommendation that Legal Immigration be reduced by half is even WORSE because it sends the Message that Mass Immigration IS in the National Interest! One half of 1.5 Million Legal Immigrants is still 750,000 annually! Ann Coulter is correct—anything less than a Zero-Net Moratorium will consign the America we have known to Oblivion.

Is it not, therefore, True that any Organization which refuses to Push a Moratorium as a First Priority, is NOT really Serious about stopping the Mass Immigration Tsunami?  Let us say it plainly, refusing to push for a Zero-Net Moratorium as the First Priority amounts to giving permission for the continuing Immigration Tidal Wave!

Pushing a Moratorium maximizes our clout to ensure our borders are protected and maximizes the chances of achieving reductions in legal and illegal immigration.

So PLEASE ACT NOW, and please also donate to CCN NOW, so we can intensify our initiatives by mobilizing thousands of our activists to push our Victory Initiative! We may well have only a few weeks to generate support for substantial reductions.

CCN’s Strategy is The One which Maximizes both our ‘Clout for the Buck’ and the probability of Success!

In order to succeed in the next few weeks, we need your Tax-deductible Donation NOW to Maximize our Clout.

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