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CCN’s recent release of its “NET Costs of Legal Immigration Study” (available here on showed that the “Annual NET (after subtracting the Taxes Immigrants Pay) cost of Legal Immigration to U.S. Taxpayers is $330 BILLION per year!” That is an average of $758 Million per Year NET for each of the 435 Congressional District.
Unfortunately, Major Immigration “Reform” Proposals will not reduce the Legal Immigrant Inflow Much (and some would actually increase it) and therefore, would NOT reduce the staggering $330 Billion per year NET COST to U.S. Taxpayers.
Also Most Unfortunate, “More than 5.9 Million American workers have been displaced since 2005 by legal immigrants”.
All this is a result of the Annual LEGAL immigrant Inflow of approximately 1.5 Million+ Immigrants per year. And pending H1B “reform” Bills would Worsen the Problem of Displacement and Wage Depression of American Workers.
“…[T]he Issa bill to “reform” the H-1B work visa has passed committee, …. The Durbin-Grassley bill, … is said to be coming back soon. …[T]he RAISE Act, which would move green card eligibility to a more skills-based policy, has been endorsed by the White House …. How would U.S. citizen/permanent resident tech professionals fare under these proposals?
“I will address this question here. … the only appropriate criterion:
 Would the given proposal improve job prospects for Americans?
 “Putting RAISE aside for the moment, let’s consider Issa and D-G. Both of these proposals are designed to redistribute H-1B visas, for which there is a far larger demand than supply, from the ‘Infosyses’ to the ‘Intels.’ Did you catch that key word? Redistribute! Neither bill would reduce the number of visas. … Thus neither bill would improve job prospects for Americans.
 “Of course, that analysis doesn’t work if you believe that the Intels are angels who are using these programs responsibly. Under that belief, the visas would be used for jobs for which qualified Americans don’t exist, so the foreign workers wouldn’t be hired in lieu of Americans. I’ve presented lots of data demonstrating that this is simply false, and Congress’ own commissioned report, which actually surveyed employers, also showed it to be false. These firms are out to maximize profit, which I have no objection to at all, but it does show that their protestations that ‘We’d love to hire Americans, but sadly there are no Americans available’ can’t be taken at face value.
 “In other words, Issa and D-G would bring NO CHANGE for American tech workers. ...
 “But it’s even worse than that, due to the industry’s continuing call for Staple a Green Card to Their Diplomas legislation, under which foreign STEM students at U.S. universities would get a fast track green card, … so Staple is basically an Intels proposal.
 “The Intels would push for Staple for the simple reason that, again, they want to expand the young labor pool….
 “Note that this same dynamic would occur with RAISE. The Intels don’t want to hire a 40-year engineer… .
 “Again, all of this would lead to a greatly expanded young tech labor pool. …
 “Bottom line: Issa, D-G and RAISE would make things worse for American tech workers. Not better, not neutral, but WORSE. …”
 “H-1B Math — Your Guide to Proposed Legislation,” Norman Matloff, January 5, 2018 ( Norman Matloff is a Professor of Computer Science at U.C. Davis)
 Thus, under all these proposals, the ongoing Displacement of American Workers would Increase!
Note that the Solution CCN and its ASAP! Coalition Allies advocate—an all-categories-included Numerical CAP of 150,000 per year via enactment of a Zero-Net MORATORIUM would largely solve this problem.
And what about Costs and Immigration Numbers under Current Amnesty and Ostensible Chain Migration Reductions, and Diversity Visa Elimination Proposals?
“…an instant amnesty for an estimated 1.8 million "DACA-eligible" illegal aliens. … and make further cuts to chain migration after those currently in line for other categories have been admitted.(emphasis added)
“The bottom line is that these cuts to chain migration would reduce total legal immigration by about 18 percent in the short term, and 33 percent in the long term (after 10 years). However, the huge size of the amnesty means that under this scheme it will take about 15 years for the chain migration cuts to offset the new green cards awarded in the amnesty. In other words, there would be instant deportation relief for 1.8 million illegal aliens, but a very long wait for immigration relief for Americans.
“The spouses of citizens (and their children) will continue to enter in unlimited numbers and the spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents (and their children) will be capped at about 88,000, as under current law.”
All of the approximately 3.9 million people on the waiting list for chain migration green cards will be offered the opportunity to apply for admission under current numerical limits, plus a few extra (see below). According to the State Department, this will ultimately result in the admission of about 2.5 million new immigrants, as some will decline the opportunity and a few will be found to be ineligible for admission. I estimate that the admission of these applicants would take approximately 10 years under the current numerical limits and quotas….(emphasis added)
“Furthermore, the leading proposals being considered by the Senate create a new non-immigrant residency visa for parents of citizens that will replace the green card category…. And the parents of the "Dreamers" who receive amnesty might become eligible for residency under such a program, thus potentially more than doubling the size of the amnesty. (It has been estimated that Dreamers have an average of 1.6 parents in the U.S.)
“…After 10 years, green card awards would settle to a number that is about 33 percent lower than current levels, or about 775,000 per year.”
“White House Immigration Framework
Big Amnesty Now, Chain Migration Cuts Much Later,”
J. Vaughan, January 31, 2018,
In sum, the White House and Durbin-Graham proposals would continue and not substantially reduce Legal Immigration Numbers and thus would continue the approximate $330 Billion Annual Net Costs.
Most Important SOLUTION: Pushing a Zero-Net MORATORIUM (which would allow Immigration of about 150,000 per year, to equal out-migration) maximizes our Political clout to ensure our borders are protected and maximizes the chances of achieving reductions in legal and illegal immigration.
Let us say it plainly, refusing to push for a Zero-Net MORATORIUM (as the Mass Immigration Management Groups refuse to do) and for preservation of Western Culture as the First Priorities amounts to giving permission for the continuing Mass Immigration Tidal Wave and National Deconstruction and the continued Displacement and Wage Depression of American Workers!
Ann Coulter is correct—anything less than a MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration will consign the America we have known to Oblivion.
TIME IS SHORT. Immigration Bills are being considered NOW! So PLEASE ACT NOW, and please also make a tax-deductible Donation to CCN NOW, so we can intensify our initiatives by mobilizing thousands of our activists to push for a MORATORIUM! We probably have only a very few weeks to generate support for substantial reductions.
CCN’s and the ASAP Coalition’s Zero-Net MORATORIUM Strategy is The One which Maximizes both our ‘Clout for the Buck’ and the probability of Success!
In order to succeed in the next few weeks, we need your Tax-deductible Donation NOW to Maximize our Clout.
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