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Help Push for a Permanent Moratorium — Save Job Opportunities for Unemployed Americans Only

Help Push for a Permanent Moratorium — Save Job Opportunities for Unemployed Americans Only

Over 35 Million Americans are now unemployed, including 135,000 Healthcare Workers. But Speaker Pelosi’s so called “Heroes” Act just barely passed by the House would allow the Admission of 150,000 Foreign Healthcare Workers to take American healthcare jobs.

But While the Heroes Act would also provide funding for unemployed legal immigrants workers, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom just authorized payment of $125Million to Illegal Alien Workers -- $75 Million from California Taxpayers and $50 Million from Corporate Donors (who just love that Cheap, i.e., U. S. Taxpayer-subsidized, Labor). 

But CCN and its ASAP! Coalition Allies’ Leadership in pushing for a Moratorium is started to bear fruit at the National level. Four Senators and three Representatives are pushing to Make President Trump’s Moratorium permanent.

“Last month, President Trump authorized a temporary suspension of almost all immigration into the United States. With the exception of agricultural temporary workers, no other foreign workers are allowed into the country.

“This was common sense. It makes ZERO sense to continue importing foreign workers into the America when we have this many people who have lost their jobs.

“But President Trump's order is only temporary. He had to use an executive order to do it, and it is already being challenged in courts.

“That is why Conservatives in Congress are standing up to make it more permanent. Senators Cruz (R-TX), Cotton (R-AR), Grassley (R-IA), and Hawley (R-MO) are working together with Representatives Gaetz (R-FL), Gosar (R-AZ), and Gooden (R-TX) to make Trump's immigration suspension more permanent.

“Of course, the Democrats want to stop them. They are still trying to use this crisis as an excuse to bring as many people into our country as possible!...

“Think about that for a second. 1 in 5 Americans have lost their jobs, by no fault of their own. 

“And the Democrats' solution to this is to import more foreign workers into the country to take American jobs…
“If their goal is to protect American lives and livelihoods, it makes absolutely no sense. But that never has been the Democrats' goal… They have never cared about putting Americans first.

“President Trump's order gave an exception for agricultural visas. He knew that if he cut off those workers, food would stop making it to market and Americans would starve. But fore every other job out there, Trump's directive is clear: if there is an American willing to do the work, companies cannot hire foreigners instead.

“That is precisely what the bill being pushed by these GOP Representatives and Senators would do. It would make it illegal for American companies to hire a foreigner if there is even one American willing and able to do the job….”

“Here We Go: GOP Senators Pushing To Make Trump’s Immigration Shutdown Permanent!,” Joe Otto, conservative-daily.com, 05/10/2020

The Great Threat is that when we just get over the “Hump” of CoVID-19 Spread in the USA, we expect the Open Borders lobby to redouble efforts to pass all the Open Borders Bills which CCN took the lead on stopping in November and December 2019 (Important to see CCN’s Alerts for specifics of these Bills). 

Indeed, it is likely the influence of the Open Borders lobby which caused President Trump to limit his Moratorium Order to 60 days and to not include temporary Work Visas. 

Indeed, Current Holders of H1b Visas and their Spouses holding H-4 visas are still allowed to work! The foregoing illustrates why it is even more important for we reductionists to redouble our efforts to push an all-categories-included Zero-NET Moratorium on Legal Immigration NOW. 

Pushing merely for incremental reductions (e.g., full implementation of e-Verify but only that) while well-intended is utterly futile, because, alone it fails to delegitimize and counter the whole enterprise of Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration. 

Only pushing for an all-categories-included Zero-NET Moratorium does that! In sum, only CCN and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have The Strategy for Success. Important to remember that CCN is a Genuine Mass Immigration REDUCTION Group, so Donations to CCN have far more impact dollar for dollar than Donations to Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups who refuse to support a Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal. 

 Therefore, CCN invites once again all genuine REDUCTIONIST organizations to Join our Diversity Coalition for an Immigration  MORATORIUM . . . a Coalition supported by many Immigrants from all Ethnic Groups.  


Unfortunately, the two largest Management Groups continue to de facto undermine our efforts to reduce legal and illegal immigration. One says its goal is to stop Illegal Immigration, but it refuses to acknowledge the Magnet effect the uncapped and other Categories in Legal Immigration have on drawing in illegal immigrants. 

The other group says it is for “lower immigration levels” but that too is entirely Counterproductive because it sends the Message that Mass Immigration is OK but just at lower levels. And thus it claimed a Victory in keeping Open Borders Provisions our of the recently enacted Stimulus Bill, while in fact,  that Bill actually authorized $350 Million for “Migration & Refugee Assistance”!! 

As we have been saying for over ten years, the Only Position which generates enough Political Power to get reductions in Legal and Illegal immigration is to advocate a, All-Categories-Included Zero-Net Moratorium. Consider: ​

1. Stopping Illegal Immigration requires greatly Reducing Legal Immigration Indeed, the large numbers of “Slots” Available to Legal Immigrants (e.g., the de facto Unlimited Asylee Category) creates a Magnet effect for Illegal Aliens. Indeed, the Uncapped Asylee category encourages Trafficking of Children, because it allows any adult bringing a child into the U.S. to become a de facto permanent resident and potential Citizen! 

2. Regarding Costs, consider this summary of CCN’s NET COSTS Study: U.S. Taxpayers Costs from legal immigration alone - $330 BILLION PER YEAR NET (i.e., after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay), i.e.: 
i. $3.3 TRILLION NET prospectively for the next Decade if Legal immigration is not reduced. 
ii. Does NOT include COSTS borne by States and Localities. 
iii. $758 MILLION per Year NET for Each Congressional District. That is, the NET costs of legal immigration average $1000 per U.S. Taxpayer per year! 
iv. 62% of legal immigrants get one or more “free” (i.e., U.S. Taxpayer-funded) Health Care, Health Insurance, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing & Welfare. 

i. CCN Study — 5.9 MILLION AMERICANS HAVE BEEN DISPLACED from JOBS SINCE 2005 by IMMIGRANT WORKERS (NOT including those recently displaced by the Pandemic). See Carrying Capacity Network Employment 2019. among other CCN Alerts that expose these anti-American worker policies. 
ii. Confirmed by two other studies, e.g., by Professor of Computer Science, U.C. Davis, Norm Matloff Blog, “Vast Majority of H1B and related visa hires are Cheap Labor Hires” 
iii. And by Economist Ed Rubenstein writing for vdare.com 

For years, there has not been a shortage of American Workers! 

See recent Immigrant Employment Data from CIS.org in CCN’s previous Alerts. And, now that there are over 35 Million Unemployed Americans, there will be no shortage for years. The number of immigrants admitted annually consistent with Zero-Net Immigration would be approximately 150,000 (the approximate number who emigrate every year), in contrast to the current number of approximately 1.6 million annually.  

The Solution: CCN has, for years, supported is an all-categories-included Zero-Net MORATORIUM on LEGAL ImmigrationContact your Senators and Representatives today to oppose the Open Borders Bills and Support a Permanent  all-categories-included Moratorium. The Threat is Intensifying as we approach Corona Peak. 

Many Carrying Capacity Network donors are hurt by the economic crisis - consequently, CCN’s very existence is threatened. Donate today to help us keep fighting for you!

Please DONATE Today by Credit Card at Carrying Capacity Network, Inc. or by Check via U.S. mail to:

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Help CCN Save our USA NOW! 


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Friday, January 17, 2020

The Ongoing Displacement of Americans Out of Our Own Country — Guest Essay Excerpts

Although CCN may not agree with this Guest Essay in every respect (e.g., the current situation is not caused only by some Democrats, but also by some Republicans In Name Only [RINOs] and others as well), we think this Superb Essay by World Cyclist and Mountaineer, Frosty Wooldridge deserves wider Distribution.

But the most important point of the article is that it clearly demonstrates that the USA is at a Crucial Tipping Point in which we face a Serious Loss of Social Cohesion (the U.S. Census Bureau recognizes 59 spoken languages in the USA) and Cultural, Ecological, and Economic Crises, and Eventual Collapse (see our Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study and Alerts re Cultural Marxism) unless Key Trends are Reversed, and very soon.

Fortunately, it is not too late to stop and reverse the Trends which have brought us to this Tipping Point but we all must begin to do so Now.

And CCN and it Diversity and ASAP! Coalition Allies have The Only Strategic Activist Initiative which can succeed. 

May Frosty’s article Motivate you to become a CCN Activist and Donor NOW! 

“If current trends continue, by 2042 there will be a new 51 percent majority ethnic group in America,  according to the prestigious Pew Research Center

“Today in America, our U.S. Congress imported 45 million people born in other countries.  Additionally, our Congress allowed 23 to 25 million illegal aliens to cross our borders and now inhabit all 50 states.  Additionally, our Congress allows 300,000 pregnant illegal alien women to birth their babies once they violate our borders to become “anchor babies” with all the privileges of citizenship. (Source: Yale Report on Illegal Immigration, Oct 2018).

“In 1965, European-Americans who designed the U.S. Constitution and created the most successful civilization on this planet—enjoyed 90 percent population dominance.  Black Americans held 7 percent and Hispanics enjoyed 3 percent.  Additionally, at current immigration and birthrates, Muslims will become a dominant force in cities where they enclave. 

“In a recent report, an anonymous writer used a pen name, Audacious Epigone, said, “Western Civilization was invented by Whites, just as Chinese cavillation was invented by Chinese and Japanese civilization was invented by Japanese.

“ ‘One of the great taboos promulgated by leftists - including the left-wing national media is that every race is encouraged to promote their own interests... except for Whites. You see, some Whites are descended from slave owners, so that makes all Whites racist. Blacks, by the way, owned slaves. Slaves were captured in Africa by Africans, and were sold to pre-American slave traders via Muslim slave traders. Over a million Europeans had been captured and enslaved by Muslims.’

“Whether you like it or not, if you enjoyed being a white-majority and/or a Black presence in America—within 22 years, blacks and whites will become new minorities in their own country.

“Epigone said, ‘The Great Replacement is a term that describes one mechanism by which this transition is being accomplished. That is, the importation of people from third-world countries who favor big government … which promises them an unending stream of taxpayer-paid benefits.

“ ‘White, native-born Americans are being displaced without their permission within their own country. Open borders policies are effectively electing a new people - who don't necessarily endorse the principles under which America was founded.’

“The one understanding that most people don’t realize: all those 110 million more immigrants flooding into America by 2050—come to our country from failed countries, failed civilizations and utterly violent and destructive cultures.

“As goes the White demographic, so goes America, and so goes Western Civilization. We're not that far behind the immigration-driven demise of Europe. Read: The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray.

“What’s driving this mass displacement of Americans out of their own country?  Some Politicians WANT endless open borders to gain a stranglehold on Congress and the presidency.  Once in total command, they can and will open up America to 100 million, 200 million and onward to 300 million immigrants. U.S. Senator Teddy Kennedy along with his democratic buddies wrote the ‘1965 Immigration Reform Act’ that dumped 100 million immigrants onto the USA since 1965 …. 

“In his exposé of America’s doom, James Kirkpatrick said, ‘By mid-century, Whites will be just another identity group in an America of squabbling nationalities.  No taboo will withstand this converging reality. It remains to be seen whether our Republic, let alone Western Civilization will be able to withstand this demographic onslaught.’

“In his best-selling book, Patrick J. Buchanan wrote Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? Buchanan spelled out our country’s impending demise rather graphically.  After riding my bike through forty states in America this summer and 20 of her largest cities, I can attest to the fact that we stand in the crosshairs of a collapsing civilization brought about by our own leaders.  One critic said, ‘Not a pleasant or fun read. Most of us have an idea that our country, the USA, is sick. The question is what is the sickness, is it terminal or can it be cured. Mr. Buchanan attempts to answer these questions. In short, he finds us, and presents evidence for the conclusions that we are morally weak, with little love for liberty or life. The disease is terminal, and not far off, unless we reform ourselves, and quickly. As I said, Mr. Buchanan supplies evidence. And he does suggest what to do about it. We cannot remain an empire without a moral or industrial base. We will have to give up the role of global policeman, and rebuild first at home. His conclusions are not going to be popular, though they were taken for granted a hundred years ago. They will involve discomfort, and change, not of the Obama sort. Suicide of a Superpower is not just good reading, it is essential for the well-being of our children. It needs to be read by every American, and action taken. We don't have long.’

“To help you appreciate what we face, I again ask you, an American citizen, how will your children live in this country with another 110 million legal immigrants pounded into every city and state in this country? How will your children deal with 110 million people from 196 different countries with their incompatible cultures, religions, languages and world views?  Do you think our country will survive as European-Americans become the new minority at 49 percent while all those citizens of failed countries become the new majority?  Do you think multiculturalism and diversity will thrive to makes us one big happy American family? 

“Answer: ‘Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct façade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today,’ said James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. ‘They claim the right not to assimilate, and the day is coming when the question will be how can the United States regulate the defiantly unassimilated cultures, religions and mores of foreign lands?  Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system.  Balkanization of the United States has begun.’ 

“Solutions to change course for America:

1.      Rescind the 1965 Immigration Reform Act; shut down all immigration for 20 years.

2.      Or, “Egress Equates to Ingress”, which means if 50,000 people vacate America, 50,000 skilled and contributing immigrants may be allowed into our country.

3.      Stop all 300,000 anchor babies annually by amending the 14th Amendment so it’s not abused by pregnant illegal alien mothers.  No birthright citizenship!

4.      Stop all 50,000 annual Diversity Visas.

5.      Stop all chain-migration.

6.      Help all those ‘would-be’ immigrants in their own countries to create viable and sustainable societies with water, food production and birth control.”

 Frosty Wooldridge, Population-Immigration-Environmental specialist: speaker at colleges, civic clubs, high schools and conferences

Golden, CO 

Reprinted by Permission of the Author/First Published on:  http://newswithviews.com/the-ongoing-displacement-of-americans-out-of-our-own-country/

Facebook: Frosty Wooldridge

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Frosty Wooldridge, six continent world bicycle traveler, Astoria, Oregon to Bar Harbor, Maine, 4,100 miles, 13 states, Canada, summer 2017, 100,000 feet of climbing

As CCN and its Diversity Coalition Allies have been saying for over ten years the Only Position which generates enough Political Power to get reductions in Legal and Illegal immigration is to advocate an All-Categories-Included Zero-Net Moratorium

The number of immigrants admitted annually consistent with Zero-Net Immigration would be approximately 150,000 (the approximate number who emigrate every year), in contrast to the current number of approximately 1.6 million annually. And now, even Candidates for political office are following CCN’s lead in supporting a Moratorium, including two Congressional Candidates!

CCN is pro-Immigrant and anti-Mass Immigration and is a Co-Sponsor of the Diversity Coalition for an Immigration Moratorium.

And, since CCN is running on thin air, we very much need your Tax-Deductible Donation, NOW so we can stop Bad Open Borders Bills like S.386 and H.R. 5038 (as we were the catalyst in achieving temporarily in December 2019) and Push for a Zero-Net MORATORIUM.

Please DONATE Today by Credit Card at Carrying Capacity Network, Inc. or by Check via U.S. mail to:


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