Friday, June 8, 2018

SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE: Mass-LEGAL Immigration Costs U.S. Taxpayers $330 Billion per Year NET

Most American citizens would be surprised to learn that each of us—including our children—pays (or is otherwise denied) an Average of $1000 per year to finance legal immigration?!—(for a family of 5, this is $5,000.00 every year!!)

Although IL-legal immigration (which we are more likely to see in the news) also has NET costs to the taxpayer (about $100 billion annually) LEGAL immigration cost many times more—$330 BILLION (NET)—and yet, no one in Washington or the news media seems to think it worth talking about. THIS IS A LOT OF MONEY!!!

The flow of 1.5 Million immigrants legally admitted into the US year after year (400,000 of which settle in California annually!) generates NET costs to the U.S. Taxpayer of $330,000,000,000 annually—62% of which is health care, health insurance and other various welfare programs, etc., etc., etc.—(and that is, after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay: CCN’s Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study.)

Although some legal immigrants do support themselves, most LEGAL immigrants receive huge subsidies from the U.S. Taxpayer. This $330 Billion per Year divided by the number of congressional districts (435) amounts to $758 Million per year that could have been spent in each Congressional District! OR another option could have been … that the taxpayers could have received a huge tax cut, kept their own money and, and, and … spent it on themselves!!! what a concept!—($330 billion / 330 million citizens & residents = $1,000 per each U.S. citizen). Please note that this cost does not include additional NET costs to State and local taxpayers—you will have to talk to your governor and mayor about that (good luck to you if you are in a blue state or city!).

Though seldom in the news, there are other really pressing negative consequences of this massive influx of LE-gal immigration:

  • 5.9 Million U.S. citizens have been displaced from their jobs since 2005.
  • the assault on OUR environment — loss of habitat, species extinction, loss of prime agricultural farmland, loss of clean water and other natural resources and of course, overpopulation. (BALANCE.ORG) ... and for what?—what is the net gain to the American people? … ALIEN NATION, 1995, Peter Brimelow.

Do you recall any townhall meeting where your Representative—the “honorable”…Mr. or Mrs.—has discussed with you and the other U.S. citizens in your congressional district the (supposed) benefits of this massive sacrifice??? Well, neither do We!

There are no such benefits for Most Americans. But for many Members of Congress, there is LOBBY MONEY … lots of lobby money from Globalists’ interests who want Taxpayer-SUBSIDIZED Cheap Labor. See President’s Message in TFIRE’s May 2018 newsletter re Lobbyists Money that trumps you and your concerns every day … except for one. Yes, the lobby money trumps your wishes every day, except for one very special day. That’s right, on Election Day. On Election Day, only you, (supposedly) the U.S. CITIZEN VOTER can vote!

THE SOLUTION: Now is the time to stop this expensive nonsense that will be voted on by this coming September (and possibly as early as before July 4th weekend)—and don’t forget, elections will be in November. Push candidates and Congressmen hard to get them to commit to passing an all-categories-included Zero-Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration first proposed by the Diversity Coalition in 1996. The Diversity Coalition is a coalition of Americans of all ethnic backgrounds of which CCN is a cosponsor.

Congress and the President can give families and American jobseekers a far bigger tax break and employment opportunities and reduce the Deficit by passing JUST ONE SIMPLE BILL—the all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium.

Had Washington implemented a reduction from 1.5 Million legal immigrants per year to 150,000 per year since 2005(—the same number of citizens who emigrate each year—what could have been more fair than this???)—then the NET Costs today would have been cut by more than half, leaving the rest available that COULD HAVE BEEN spent in each of OUR congressional districts each year. Consider how this money could have financed OUR Roads, OUR Sidewalks, OUR maintenance, Emergency Response times, Public Safety, and of course, the of cost of the Educational system—that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer seem to fret so about.

The Good News is that, if we, you and I, reduce this 1.5 Million Annual LEGAL Immigrant Flow to 150,000 THIS YEAR, U.S. taxpayers will save over ONE HALF TRILLION DOLLARS in the next Decade!--wiping out much of our annual deficit!!—(we have been running deficits for this ? )

ACT NOW! YOUR COUNTRY IS CALLING ON YOU! Ask your Congressional Representative how he/she justifies spending YOUR tax money to finance Mass Legal Immigration, instead of on YOU and other American Citizens?? Ask when will this MADNESS Stop!

Ask why he/she continues to deficit spend our nation into bankruptcy on LEGAL immigrants when HE could save us ONE HALF OF TRILLION DOLLARS (—that is $500,000,000,000.00) in the next Decade by enacting ONE SIMPLE LAW? —an ALL CATEGORIES INCLUDED ZERO-NET MORATORIUM!

THIS IS EASY: Call your Congressional Representative (or call the Congressional Switchboard Number: 202-224-3121 House and Senate.) Ask for phone numbers and an email address so that you can easily forward this letter. But believe it or not, many legislators are reluctant to make it easy for you to contact them by E-mail—but you CAN request to speak to a legislative assistant who will HAVE TO take you seriously. IT’S THAT EASY!!—and don’t forget to ask for a RESPONSE from your congressman (or senator)! Or to have Maximum Impact, visit your local District office and ask, “Why, sir/madam, have you repeatedly, year after year, chosen to spend $758 Million of U.S. tax dollars on the relocation of immigrants into OUR country instead of spending it in OUR OWN DISTRICT???

And finally, tell him/her that you want the all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium recommended by the Diversity Coalition in 1996 and ask for a commitment to support it. And tell them you want full funding for The Wall and enactment of e-Verify to deter Illegals from taking Americans’ jobs.

P.S … To make sure that he/she does not “forget” you can easily resend this same message every two or three weeks just by pushing a few buttons and visit the District Office again! How much fun is that?? We have been exploited long enough!

CCN expects some Immigration Bill to be passed by this coming September (and possibly as early as before July 4th weekend) so it is important to Act Now to ensure it includes a Zero-Net Moratorium. AND … forward this to all of your friends—even the ones who still believe that Chuck and Nancy are looking out for us.


Ann Coulter is right, it is only by enacting a “Moratorium” that we can save the America that we know and love! (Adios, America, 2016)

Again, the congressional switchboard number: 202-224-3121


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Many Americans have a stake in this issue. But as we approach July 4th we dedicate this letter to all of the Joe (and Josephine) Plumbers who go to work, pay our taxes, fight our wars and have been willing to bleed to death on battlefields far from home for the last two hundred years. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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