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$330 Billion /Year NET Taxpayer Cost for Legal Immigration!


$330 Billion /Year NET Taxpayer Cost for Legal Immigration!

Help Stop It with CCN’s Solution

CCN has taken the lead in exposing the $330 Billion Annual NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) Cost of Legal Immigration to American Taxpayers. That’s $758 Million per Year NET per Congressional District and does not include State and Local NET Costs. See CCN’s NET Cost of Legal Immigration Study.

Worse, much of this is borrowed Money! And much of the pressure to continue the Legal Immigration flow comes from the very well-heeled Cheap Labor Lobby who make Huge Donations to members of Congress.

Result: Wage Depression and Job Loss for American Workers — over 5 Million Jobs lost since 2005!

CCN’s Tactical Victory

CCN alone took the lead (see recent Alerts) in facilitating stopping Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) S.386 Massive Jobs Giveaway Bill and also Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) Open Borders (4 Million Green Cards!) RELIEF Act.

Now we need your help to get Real Reductions and to Stop the latest Cheap Labor Lobby Bill, The Farm Workforce Modernization Act (HR 4916 and/or 5038) which includes a Mass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!

So Ask Your Representatives what their priorities are — Jobs for Citizens of  the USA or for the Cheap Labor Lobby Mega-Companies?

Act NOW! And Ask your Representatives to reveal their Donor List and to publicly oppose the High-skilled American jobs giveaway Bills — S.386 and H.R. 4916.

The Magnet Effect!

Insist they take a stand Against Mass Legal Immigration which is a magnet for Illegal Aliens, who aspire to fill the Legal Immigration “Slots” like the uncapped Asylee Category. Contact your Representatives’ local offices now and tell them what you think.

The Strategy to Stop These Bills

CCN has for years laid out The Strategy for stopping such bills and reducing Legal and Illegal Immigration.

Unfortunately, CCN’s Strategy (See our “The Only Way to Stop Mass Immigration” series et al. at CarryingCapacity.org) has not been adopted by certain other Major National allegedly Reductionist, but de facto Mass Immigration Management, Groups.

The Management Groups need to Adopt The Only Strategy which will Work which is outlined in the following excerpts from our recent Alert, MASS Legal Immigration – An Intensifying Threat.

​1. Stopping Illegal Immigration requires Reducing Legal Immigration
Indeed, the large numbers of “Slots” Available to Legal Immigrants (e.g., the de facto Unlimited Asylee Category) creates a Magnet effect for Illegal Aliens.Indeed, the Uncapped Asylee category encourages Trafficking of Children, because it allows any adult bringing a child into the U.S. to become a de facto permanent resident.

Already “more than 100,000 illegal Aliens with Arrest Records, including Murder, Rape, and DUI, have been given Amnesty, biometric Real IDs, and guest worker permits” (ALI-PAC 11/22/19) and can not be deported from “Sanctuary” Cities.

2.  Regarding Costs, consider this summary of CCN’s NET COSTS Study: U.S. Taxpayers Costs from legal immigration alone - $330 BILLION PER YEAR NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) , i.e.:

i. $3.3 TRILLION NET prospectively for the next Decade if Legal immigration is not reduced.

ii. Does NOT include COSTS borne by States and Localities.

iii. $758 MILLION per Year for Each Congressional District. That is, the NET costs of legal immigration average $1000 per U.S. Taxpayer per year!

iv. 70% of legal immigrants get one or more “free” (i.e., U.S. Taxpayer-funded) Health Care, Health Insurance, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing & Welfare. 


i. CCN Study — 5.9 MILLION AMERICANS HAVE BEEN DISPLACED from JOBS SINCE 2005 by IMMIGRANT WORKERS. See www.carryingcapacity.org.

ii. Confirmed by two other studies, e.g., by Professor of Computer Science, U.C. Davis, Norm Matloff Blog, “Vast Majority of H1B and related visa hires are Cheap Labor Hires”

iii. And by Economist Ed Rubenstein writing for vdare.com

There is no shortage of American Workers! See recent Immigrant Employment Data from CIS.org in CCN’s previous Alerts.

The Solution: CCN has, for years, supported is an all-categories-included Zero-Net MORATORIUM on LEGAL ImmigrationCall your Representatives today to get them to reveal their donors, oppose S.386 and H.R. 4916 and Support an all-categories-included Zero-NET Moratorium.  

The number of immigrants admitted annually consistent with Zero-Net Immigration would be approximately 150,000 (the approximate number who emigrate every year), in contrast to the current number of approximately 1.6 million annually.

CCN’s MORATORIUM Advocacy maximizes Political pressure for substantial reduction in Legal Immigration, quite unlike plans advocated by other National Immigration “Reform” Groups, i.e., Groups which refuse to push a Moratorium and therefore are de facto Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups; not genuine reduction groups. If enacted, their positions are counterproductive because they would ensure unending MASS Immigration.

CCN also exposes and opposes Cultural Marxism — driven by MASS Immigration — and which is The Major Force driving Political Correctness, Mass Immigration, Multi-Culturalism, Identity Politics, and Destruction of Western Nations and their Traditions, and ANTIFA. See CCN’s February, 2010 and Subsequent Alerts.

In the background, world population increases by about 80 million per year, and pressure to come to U.S.A. will only increase. Since 2005, an average of 1.5 Million Legal Immigrants settled in Lifeboat U.S.A. annually. Recently, 1.6-1.7 Million have settled here annually. The US Census reports that  400,000 legal immigrants per year settle in California alone.



ii. “For Every Person added to U.S. (or California’s) Population, one Acre of precious Farmland or Natural Habitat is lost to Developed Uses (e.g., Malls, Urban Sprawl, Tract Housing) (Pimentel et al, Cornell)

iii. California: Potable water demands from growing cities and from ground water depletion far in excess of recharge rates) have led to a long-term Potable Water Crisis resulting in some jurisdictions (e.g., all of Orange County, California) being forced to drink “Toilet to Tap Water” in recent years. One year of heavy rains has not solved this problem

iv. Our Zero-Net Moratorium push sends the Critical message that we must Stop MASS Legal Immigration in order to protect our environment. 

As well, Legal and Illegal Immigration is a Major cause of Increased Homelessness and Crowding (and higher Taxes everywhere in the USA) especially in those Areas which receive large numbers of Immigrants — New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

Consider California, which receives about 400,000 Legal Immigrants per Year. California has many attractions, generous Taxpayer-funded benefits among them.

For example, in addition to the aforementioned Costs, there are other very substantial Impacts. Those 400,000 Legal Immigrants plus the hundreds of thousands of Illegal Immigrants create a great and increasing demand for Housing. And since many of the Legal Immigrants especially are well-heeled and heavily subsidized by US taxpayers, they have the Financial ability to “crowd out” the most impoverished Americans — many of whom end up living in the streets, or, if they are “lucky” in tent cities and Trailers.  This Demographic Impact is merely the beginning.

The crowding of taxpayers-funded schools, roads, hospitals, emergency rooms and public Transportation Systems is largely a result of MASS immigration, both legal and illegal.

“…[I]mmigration overload has adversely impacted the carrying capacity of many schools … Especially K to 12…

“… 23% of students in public schools Today are from immigrant households … High Immigration States have seen even more dramatic increases … Nevada 35%, New Jersey 34% Texas 31%, …. Even in states that are not traditional Immigrant Destinations — Minnesota, Alaska, Kansas, … I in 7 students are from immigrant households …”

Christopher Daly, The Impact of Immigration on Public EducationCampoc Inc / NPG, March 2018

Therefore, please push your Representatives hard NOW to reveal their Donors and:

  2. Implement E-VERIFY
  3. End Anchor Baby BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP and forbid H1B and other Immigrant Workers’ children from obtaining it.
  4. Eliminate all CHAIN MIGRATION except for spouses & minor children of US citizens
  5. Outlaw Sanctuary Cities and States, because they are Magnets for criminals
  6. Refuse admission to those convicted of a crime — jail or deport them
  7. And above all Push for an All-Categories-Included Zero-Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigrants and, of course,
  8. A “no” Vote on S.386 and “no” on Durbin’s RELIEF Act and “NO” to the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.
Please help Carrying Capacity Network intensify our PUSH for the policies above by increasing our Activist Mobilization, Media, lobbying and public education efforts with a tax-deductible donation prior to Year-End.

Any donation, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated. Now is the Time to Donate for Maximum Effect! Donations are Tax-Deductible. Help CCN intensify our efforts.
The 2020 Election Campaign is already underway!

And remember that CCN is a Genuine Mass Immigration REDUCTION Group, so Donations to CCN have far more impact dollar for dollar than Donations to Mass Immigration MANAGEMENT Groups who refuse to support a Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal. (See unfairus.org which describes the adverse effects National Immigration Management groups’ Actions had on Arizona Activists’ attempts to reduce immigration into Arizona.)

Therefore, CCN invites once again all genuine REDUCTIONIST organizations to Join our Diversity Coalition for an Immigration  MORATORIUM . . . a Coalition supported by many Immigrants from all Ethnic Groups.


Please donate by Credit Card at Carrying Capacity Network, Inc. or by Check via U.S. mail to:

P.O.BOX 457
San Francisco, CA 94104

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